Meet Oyoenisai Okon-Otoyo, CEO Manners Poise and Style Limited,

Oyoenisai Okon-Otoyo is the Founder and CEO of Manners, Poise and Style Limited . She is a Member of the Etiquette Institute,  and has received numerous trainings in etiquette development skills including tutorship by the renown Maria Everding in St. Louis, USA.

Mrs Okon-Otoyo’s work experience prior to the establishment of Manners, Poise and Style Limited includes over 26 years as a professional banker with various assignments including Branch Management, Sector Lead, Marketing and core Operations responsibilities.
She holds a Bachelor’s (B.Sc Hons) and Master’s (MBA) degree from the University of Calabar and University of Lagos in Nigeria respectively.


Mrs Okon-Otoyo besides being a social and business etiquette consultant is also Church Pastor, Youth Coach, and Community Leader. She has conducted several trainings and seminars on etiquette, manners, style and personal branding and is particularly passionate about contributing to a paradigm shift in societal behaviour and civility amongst children and youth.

She is married with four children.

Our Services

Manners, Poise and Style is proficient in developing customised products and services for our esteemed clients. Here are some of our services:

Children/Teens Etiquette Classes

(Ages 5- 17yrs)

Private Etiquette Lessons

for Individuals, Families and Groups

Corporate Etiquette Seminars

For Corporate Organisations


Communication Skills for Adults Programme

(Adult Counselling Toolkit)

Here to Serve

We provide leadership development platforms that support the educational, social, psychological, and mental wellbeing of individuals and organisations for peaceful and profitable co-existence in the society.

Please note that training is done obeying all Covid19 protocols

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